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Content Creator & Social Media Head, Batch Media!

The Bach

The Bach

Marketing & Communications, Design
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2024

Think you can lead a digital and content revolution? Imagine a role where your job is to bring the party to the internet. Batch helps people create unforgettable moments in 35+ vibrant cities, and we're searching for someone to be the “face” of that across our social media and community platforms. Your mission is to bring these parties and experiences to life online. This isn't just about posting pretty pictures and videos; it's about capturing the essence of our brand and the excitement of the events we help to create on a daily basis, crafting stories that engage and inspire our community to join the next big bash.

We are looking for a force of nature on social media—think of it as being a director, star, producer, and promoter all rolled into one. You're not just participating; you're leading the charge, owning our digital presence, and shaping our brand's identity with every post and video.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Be the Brand: Live and breathe the Batch lifestyle. You are the party, the after-party, and the unforgettable story the next day.
  • Create and Curate: You're the sole owner and driver of our content calendar, handling everything from ideation to execution. There’s nothing too big or small, and you’re comfortable doing what’s needed. You plan it, produce it, and share it.
  • Engage and Grow: Build our community by being actively involved, responding in real-time, and knowing what our audience wants before they do.
  • Stay Ahead: Keep us at the forefront of all things trendy. If there's a new social platform, trend, or a fresh way to engage — you're on it, which means Batch is on it.
  • Own It: Guide and manage our in-house content from the frontlines; you're the captain here, steering the ship of our social media strategy.

You will be the key owner of:

  • First, you are leading the charge on building the Batch content production team. You will script, produce, and deliver content on the Batch social channels (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Etc.). We’re not looking for someone to advise. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, this is not the job for you!
  • You will own and manage the content calendar. In doing so, you will lead the charge on bringing Batch to new digital platforms and will report back analytics and progress on a weekly basis.
  • You will build a content flywheel for our parties. We have hundreds of thousands of parties on our platform. You will create a funnel to source content from our users after every weekend which you can use to guide your strategy.
  • You will own vendor content. Our experience partners have amazing stories to tell, and it will be your job to bring them to life on our channels.

What we look for in your background

  • We don’t care where you went to school or your years of experience, as much as your content prowess, and skills with video/content production, writing engaging copy, video/photo editing, and storytelling.
  • You have a few big wins under their belt where you have successfully built large communities from scratch working at a top tier agency or consumer startup.
  • You are comfortable ‘living the brand’… This is a party marketplace! You need to understand the customer needs and how to help bring them to life!
  • You love the spotlight and are charismatic in front of the camera for when we need it. You’re a natural born storyteller and a wizard at weaving the digital dialogue that defines a brand.

What we look for in your values:

  • You’re fearless and not afraid to put yourself out there and you don’t leave things on your to-do list that scare you.
  • You don’t ask for ‘permission’ and just act. You operate with a high agency mindset and tell management what will be most effective.
  • You’re edgy and irreverent in the content you put out. You don’t play it safe and you believe in making statements.
  • You have high expectations for yourself and our brand and hold yourself accountable towards your personal and professional goals.

What is the compensation?

We’re allocating $80,000 - $100,000 for this role + equity. We have healthcare, dental, vision, and 401K benefits. We have an unlimited vacation policy, wellness stipend, and work from home budget. This position is fully remote, but will likely require some travel, to capture and produce content. We host an annual retreat where we go to one of our marketplace cities and host a big party. We also have quarterly meetups for members of the leadership team.