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The Bach

The Bach

Posted on Thursday, December 21, 2023

We exist to provide the easiest way to make lifelong memories with the people who matter most. 1 in every 5 bachelorette party’s in the United States use Batch to plan their trip. With our success in the bachelorette market, we have recently released the next evolution of our brand, Batch: the all-in-one party platform for all types of celebrations. Think bachelor parties, girls trips, birthday parties, friend reunions, housewarming parties and more! This role will be working primarily on our experience partner tools, and internal tools, with the occasional consumer facing project as needs arise.

  • You’ll be responsible for owning our vendor products, understanding our business owners and their needs, and building tools to help them grow their businesses through Batch.
  • Defining the vision of our Vendor Portal, internal admin tool, and other tooling to increase Batch operational efficiency. You’ll start with rolling out the first version of our new vendor portal to support our experience partners. We hope this role will expand beyond that from there to various platforms and other product opportunities including external integrations, all with the consistent theme of having a deep-focus on our experience partners and internal tooling.
  • Balancing your time across product discovery & product delivery. It’s not easy, but that’s why it’s fun 🎉
  • Working inseparably with the product development 3-legged stool: product, design and engineering. Not only on execution details and managing our Shortcut board but also in deeply driving a culture of empowered product teams, not just feature development teams.
  • Being the advocate for our experience partners and making sure we don't ship our org chart, we bring real value to the people trusting us with their businesses.
  • Pro-actively setting what product validation metrics we should be using to guide our plans and continuously learning from what is and isn’t working. And then sharing those insights with the whole Batch team 🤓
  • Working collaboratively with basically every role across Batch, including: brand, growth, and business development. Finding the gaps in alignment and pro-actively filling them as you go.
  • Learning an insane amount each week, deeply developing your craft as a PM and truly enjoying your time as you do it!

What we look for in you:

  • 3 years of product development experience working with fast-paced teams. Please include the secret phrase "letsparty" in the first line of your open question response on the application.
  • Deep empathy for the skillsets of the roles you’ll be working most, specifically engineering, product design, user research, QA and analytics. Ideally you’ve had to wear some of these hats naturally along the way.
  • Experience specifically on production-level systems, bonus points if you have experience working with internal tooling processes and external API integrations. You don’t need to be a hands-on technologist by any means but you must have an interest in understanding how systems are built enjoying time discussing trade-offs with the entire team as y’all make decisions together.

Nice to haves:

  • Experience with hands on user research
  • Experience within travel industry
  • Experience building B2B products or internal tooling

What projects will you likely work on?

  1. Helping to roll out v1 of our new and improved Vendor Portal
  2. Speaking with experience partners to understand their experience with the new portal and quickly iterate on next steps for the product
  3. Planning and prioritizing a roadmap to improve operational efficiency across Batch to provide a better post-booking experience for our users
  4. Bigger product discovery on how to evolve our experience partner experience to provide better tooling which helps our partners grow their businesses through Batch

What are some things that we think are special about our product/engineering/design team?

  • We operate as one team (we know, we know, everyone says this too...but we promise, we really do) Please include the secret phrase "letsparty" when applying in the first line of the open text response, so we know you have read and understand the minimum requirements.
  • We have a very strong foundation of qualitative & quantitate data and insights that drive all of our decision making
  • We truly do not care what ideas came from who. If it’s the best one, that’s all that matters
  • We have quarterly innovation days where everyone at the company can go deep into whatever they like for two days, then we brag about our projects to each other for a couple of hours :)
  • We have frequent full-company collaborative brainstorming sessions that are ACTUALLY productive and not just a waste of time to check the “collaborate with stakeholders” box

What do we want to know about you?

Why Batch? Of alllll the other jobs you could be spending your time applying to right now, why did you choose this one? And please don’t send us a generic sentence where you copy and pastes “Batch” to replace the previous name of the company you just applied to 5 minutes ago. Please take a minute to think about it. The goal here is long-term happiness and building something we’re proud of together. So we both need to be honest up front. So honestly, tell us, why Batch? What else would you like to learn about Batch? Where are you specifically strong as a product manager, something that is different than what every other PM would say? Where do you want to get better as an PM? Why types of product problems excite you? We don’t want you to spend days obsessing over what to share, but we do ask that you be thoughtful. And we promise the same in return.

Perks and Benefits

  • Compensation for this role includes an equity component
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance
  • Paid parental leave
  • 401(k)
  • Remote Work & Wellness Benefits
  • Company-Wide Events & Employee-Led Activities