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Principal Front-End Web Engineer



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Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2023

In 2019, Founder Zach Bell created a no-code website over a long weekend to make his two places available to a small circle of friends. His friends asked if they could add their homes and one thing led to another and that Squarespace site ended up on the cover of the travel section of NYT.

Thousands of folks started reaching out to see if they could access the site to share their homes with their own friends. At that moment we realized that many more people would make their houses available to their friends if they didn't have to offer them as public rentals. By connecting friends and private groups.

We know that sharing can change the world becuase it's real magic. Regardless of what you have, when you share you have more.

Read more about our philosophy on sharing here.

MyPlace is backed by top Silicon Valley VC's, angel investors who built Facebook, PayPal, and many of the companies that defined the internet. We’re growing, it’s happening and now we need you :

The Culture

At MyPlace, you'll be joining a globally distributed fully remote team of entrepreneurs and industry experts who have successfully built and launched multiple companies and products over the years. Slack is home, Zoom is our living room, having strong WiFi is a necessity.We're building a movement around sharing, and the qualities we share include:

We are passionate about what we do. We are kind humans. Life's too short not to be. We are entrepreneurial in spirit, and are all self starters who help each other. We always maintain a positive and inquisitive outlook towards problems and are empathetic communicators. If there is a conflict, we talk about it and care about each other. We don’t accept discrimination of any kind and deeply respect each other's time. We plus each other's work, never critique.

Principal Front-End Web Engineer

MyPlace connects friends who are looking to share their homes with people they trust and is innovating the future of what travel looks like. As a senior React developer at MyPlace, you’ll help us develop components of the user interface and implement them through React.js workflows like Redux or Flux. Additionally, you will make sure that those user interface components are easy to maintain and robust. For this position, a deep commitment to sophisticated design, problem solving, and quality products is vital.



  • Reviewing interface designs and application requirements;
  • Discussing applications and user interface ideas with the development team
  • Identifying and enabling user interactions on a web platform;
  • Using React concepts to implement and develop responsive components of the user interface;
  • Following React.js workflows and writing application interfaces via JavaScript;
  • Debugging application code and troubleshooting interface software;
  • Developing and maintaining front-end architectures that support user interfaces;
  • Improving and monitoring front-end performance
  • Developing updates and documenting application changes

Skills and Qualifications

  • Proficiency in frequently used React tools
  • 8+ years of experience in front-end development with Javascript
  • Experience translating UX designs into working code
  • In-depth knowledge of the development of web-based user interfaces with React.js, Javascript, and Typescript
  • Practical knowledge of REST endpoints and APIs
  • Practical knowledge of GIT and similar version control systems

Nice-to-Have Qualifications

  • Familiarity with AWS architecture
  • Experience integrating with Python/Django Apps

MyPlace team members are also

  • We are entrepreneurial in spirit and maintain a positive and inquisitive outlook towards problems.
  • We are all self starters who help each other.
  • We are empathetic and communicative, if something's up-we talk about it and care about each other.
  • We are passionate about what we do. Life's too short not to be.
  • We are naturally diverse and inclusive.
  • We are kind humans.
  • We respect each other's time and we plus each other's work.

The specifics

  • This is a FULL TIME position starting immediately.
  • One month probationary period, competitive compensation.
  • Fully remote work from wherever you want, ideal candidates, UK EU East Coast USA
  • Local and nomadic insurance.
  • Unlimited PTO.
  • WFH stipend, quarterly, my place, co working trips to amazing locations around the world.
  • We are fully built to support the lifestyle we enable as a product.