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Funnel Leasing

Funnel Leasing

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Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2024

To be renter-centric is a combination of three things: product, architecture, and ethos.

In our product, we only focus on the lifecycle of the renter from prospect to resident. Nothing more, nothing less. This solution scope provides meaningful change without distraction.

Our product is architected with a single guest card for each renter. This keeps all vital renter information in one place which provides the transparency needed for true collaboration across properties and teams. With clear information at their fingertips, teams can find the best new home for the prospective renter (without asking the same questions twice). All while lowering acquisition costs and increasing lifetime value.

A renter-centric ethos is that nothing is more important than the renter. Today’s renters demand a personalized, seamless, renter experience. Today’s teams work best when they play to their strengths and tasks are organized by role.