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Principal Software Engineer, 3D Engine



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, September 9, 2022

Principal Software Engineer, 3D Engine

Help build your ideal remote working experience and join our mission to make online interactions more meaningful. At Spot, we are building a virtual office that helps high-performing organizations communicate more effectively while enhancing team experience, building company culture, improving retention, and amplifying productivity.

Spot is hiring an experienced engineer to work directly alongside our CTO and help us push the limits of what is possible with 3D on the web. This role will focus primarily on helping us develop the future of our core 3D engine on which a lot of the Spot experience is built. This is not your typical engineering role: the ideal candidate would be a spiritual cross between John Carmack and Yehuda Katz– having a knack for problem solving and dealing with technical complexity, but also a keen eye for overall software design, ergonomics, and authoring libraries for other developers.

The engine is currently built on top of Babylon.js (for now) and other pieces of our stack include TypeScript, React, Apollo/GraphQL, and Nest.js. Everything is built on top of AWS using modern tooling.

This is a remote position, but we are primarily located in Seattle, WA.

Responsibilities include

  • Designing and planning the future of our 3D engine alongside our CTO.
  • Solving performance challenges related to our existing engine.
  • Working with our product team to realize different functionality.
  • Tweaking and improving existing features and functionality.
  • Evolving our codebase and team: improving automation, tooling, and overall code quality.
  • Balancing long-term goals and refactors with short and medium term needs.

What we look for

  • Multiple years of experience as part of a high-performing engineering team.
  • Deep understanding of 3D on the web: WebGL, WebGPU, etc.
  • Familiarity with existing 3D web frameworks such as Three.js, Babylon.js and Play Canvas.
  • Fluency in TypeScript.
  • A proclivity towards building frameworks and authoring libraries for other developers.
  • Solid understaing of performance– especially in the context of the web.
  • A pragmatic approach to problem solving– knowing what good code looks like while also understanding the art of shipping.
  • The ability to think at a really high level of abstraction and solve deep technical challenges.

Nice to haves

  • Experience dealing with native frameworks such as Unity, GoDot, and UE4
  • WASM experience
  • Deep understanding of web application development: HTML, CSS, React, etc.
  • Enjoyment of remote work, but an appreciation for some things that a physical office can bring.

Things We Value

  • True enjoyment of the work and software engineering
  • Working hard and playing hard
  • Having each other's back
  • Pursuing technical excellence
  • Positive mindsets
  • Low-ego environments


  • Medical, Dental and Vision
  • Generous Equity as an early teammate
  • 401k
  • Opportunity for significant growth (and potentially OSS contributions)
  • Top of the line equipment
  • Build out your dream office (virtually) inside of Spot!